Cold Storage Warehouse, Food and Beverage

p Letsos Company has a long history of performance in the industrial refrigeration low temperature and compound system maintenance repair and service field. It has been a natural progression to migrate into large tonnage refrigeration systems for cold storage warehousing. As Letsos Company continued to expand in the industrial market we acquired more and more experience and capabilities in our technicians and our sales team for servicing large cold storage warehouses. Over the last ten years we have been adding more and more clients and square footage of storage under service and maintenance contracts. These systems range from low tonnage R-22 and 404a individual rack coolers to compound engine rooms with multiple screw and reciprocating compressors. Letsos Company services large grocery supply warehouse systems utilizing multiple temperate and pressure recirculating tanks and evaporators, holding tens of thousands of pounds of ammonia. Our technicians are well equipped with the latest training and techniques for safeguarding against accidental spills and releases when dealing with ammonia as well R-134a and other low temperature refrigerants used in multiple temperature storage facilities. Letsos Technicians are familiar with and certified to work on many of the software systems used to run the refrigerated plants and warehouses, Allen Bradley, Frick Quantum HD, E2 CX facility management, and many more. Our technicians are familiar with the latest IIAR standards and interpretations, they participate in annual continuing education through RETA’s ANSI certified training programs, many of them are CARO and CIRO certified through the RETA ANSI accredited programs. Letsos Company technicians are familiar with and can assist in all the requirements of your PSM program and record keeping requirements, to be sure you are up to date and compliant with your established PSM program. Letsos Company has been an active member of RETA since March 2010, and IIAR since January 2014.

Ammonia being a non-ozone depleting molecule, it has been seeing a revival in the process refrigeration and cold storage systems. Letsos Company views the return of ammonia refrigeration as a great growth opportunity for our company. As we continue to expand our staff and grow our client base we continue to add to our expertise and experience in the cold storage and warehouse cooling systems.

Before you begin your next renovation or repair project contact Letsos Company and allow us to explain to you the benefits of using our services and the cost saving and improved service benefits you will receive. Here at Letsos Company we realize how financially devastating and outage can be and that’s why our ammonia refrigerant certified technicians are standing by 24 hours a day 365 days a year to handle your emergency and minimize the impact to your business an outage can cause.