A planned maintenance program can greatly improve overall system function by incorporating updates in system graphics to match ongoing changes to tenant spaces and equipment. Calibration of input and output devices along with mechanical maintenance of valves, dampers and linkages will ensure top return on your control system investment, whether that is a legacy pneumatic or electronic system, or state of the art DDC. Our service center can monitor buildings 24/7, responding to problems the instant they arise and spotting potential problems before they have time to develop.


Functions such as occupancy scheduling, optimized start/stop, reset of leaving air temperatures and more all contribute to reduced energy costs while increasing occupant comfort levels. Incorporating Variable Frequency Drives, demand-based ventilation, and active relative humidity control are often part of an effective Energy Management System logic in Houston’s semi-tropical weather.


Since 1953 the Letsos Company has worked with architects, design engineers, and owners to provide quality HVAC systems incorporating state of the art controls. Those controls have ranged from analog pneumatic controls, analog electronic controls, and today’s Direct Digital Control (DDC) systems that integrate the best of on-off binary functions and modulating analog accuracy. Control systems range in size from single zone packaged Rooftop systems to Multi-building campus systems with central boiler and chiller plants, and full zone by zone DDC systems with integrated lighting, access and maintenance programs.


With over 200 combined years of experience Letsos Company building automation specialists provide complete solutions for your energy management and environmental controls challenges. Our in-depth understanding of the function of controls as a component of the mechanical systems that must work in unison to provide the environmental control and ventilation of your building is the key to an efficient and comfortable building that will optimize energy use and enhance productivity.