In 1953, James N. Letsos, Jr. formed a Houston-based mechanical contracting company to meet the needs of a rapidly growing city. His focus was on building an organization with proven procedures that would provide consistent projects finished on time, within budget. He knew that in addition to quality installation, service and maintenance was of the utmost importance. This legacy continues more than 60 years later.

Time has proven that an organized approach to estimating of cost, project managers with specific project category experience, accurate job cost accounting and the best technical personnel with the latest industry knowledge will result in projects that work for everyone.

Although these methods are continuously updated and modified for each individual project, the basic premise remains. Chart a steady growth curve and stay on course. Letsos Company has done just that. Ranked in the top 85 contractors in the nation, Letsos Company provides a teamwork approach for each project with the right people for the right job. This teamwork is apparent from the start whether it be a hard bid or negotiated project. The right people make the difference.

In the construction industry, financial strength is of utmost concern. Letsos Company is proud of its reputation of conservative financial strength and excellent fiscal history.

From new construction to special projects and service maintenance, Letsos Company is ready to work for you.