Since 2005, Letsos Company has used the 3D Building Information Modeling process (BIM) on all major HVAC projects as a means to reduce time spent in design and coordination, as well as to minimize cost in the field by determining the most efficient conflict resolution prior to fabrication and installation. We utilize AutoCAD for 3-D modeling, TSI software and NavisWorks to check and resolve conflicts with other trades and building elements. This enables us to perform more accurate prefabrication of HVAC Piping, Plumbing, and Sheet-Metal with minimal cost and to expedite the schedule on construction projects.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent model-based design process that adds value across the entire lifecycle of building infrastructure projects. Some people mistakenly think of BIM as just a new variety of software. BIM is actually a process that relies on information-rich models to help owners and design and construction teams to plan, design, construct, and manage building infrastructure projects more efficiently. The reliance on digital design models has been a common practice in the manufacturing industry for decades.

A typical BIM coordination meeting from Letsos includes BIM department manager, BIM coordinator, project manager, along with all MEP subcontractors, and other subs. These meeting are important for clash detection which expedites time and cost. Letsos utilizes “Go to meetings” software for anyone to access and participate in meetings without physically being in the meeting.

With BIM, project teams share intelligent models to better plan, design, build, and manage buildings.

  • Estimating department can run basic cost on the engineer’s design or changes more timely.
  • Detailing department can apply specifications and construction data to produce detailed model showing realistic fittings and connections.
  • Additional detail can be added to such items as equipment, dampers, valves and hangers.
  • Model can further be modified through the coordination process.